South Carolina Drug Rehab Programs

Drug rehab counselorDrug addiction is a serious problem that typically requires professional help to overcome. Rehabilitation facilities are available in South Carolina to help fight addiction and start living a drug-free lifestyle. Drug rehab helps individuals take the first step to fight drug abuse, get appropriate help for the situation and find alternatives to drugs that will improve coping measures.

Drug abuse in South Carolina is around the same as the national average around the country. Although the figures for general drug abuse are similar to other states, the type of drugs used in the state are not the same as every other state.

The main drug that is abused in the state of South Carolina is marijuana. State surveys suggest that many individuals above the age of 12 have experimented with marijuana and several report regular use of the drug. Nearly half of the men and women entering a rehab center are addicted to marijuana and are seeking help to overcome addiction to the drug.

Although marijuana is the most common drug used in South Carolina, prescription drug abuse and cocaine addiction are a growing problem. Addiction to prescription drugs is particularly problematic because the rate of addiction is growing as more individuals are given the drugs for legitimate purposes and accidentally become addicted.

Rehabs for Drug Abuse in SC

Although the major problem in South Carolina is related to marijuana and prescription drugs, rehabilitation is available for any type of drug abuse. The state has 104 treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addiction, which provides an opportunity for any budget or situation.

Rehab in South Carolina will always begin with the detoxification process. Depending on the situation, medically supervised programs might be suggested due to health risks related to the withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana addiction does not usually have major health risks, but prescription drugs and cocaine can have health concerns that require a doctor to monitor.

After removing the drug from the system, treatment will incorporate a personalized plan to uncover the underlying causes of drug abuse, treat the addiction based on individual needs and provide alternative solutions to particular challenges. When addiction is related to pain, rehab centers in South Carolina will often provide alternative pain treatment to help reduce the feeling without taking a prescription medication.

South Carolina drug rehab facilities are designed to help men, women and teens overcome the drug. With so many centers and treatment options available, it is possible to find the right facility for the situation and take the first step to recovery.